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Specialists in Healthcare Finance

In the healthcare sector, delivering top-notch patient care is paramount, and having access to the right financial resources is essential. At Fundur, we specialise in providing tailored financial solutions to meet the unique needs of healthcare professionals, medical practices, and healthcare businesses.

Reliable & Personable Brokers

Reliable brokers, that you can trust.

As a fast-growing, independent finance arrangement service provider, we provide impartial, honest and straightforward solutions to support SME organisations across the UK.

Whether your business may be well-established or beginning its journey as a start-up, our team will remain a reliable, long-term finance partner to facilitate your growth and expansion plans.


Automotive Finance Specialists

Fundur provides a wide range of financing options tailored to the healthcare sector, including:

  • Medical Equipment Financing: Upgrade your medical or dental equipment to ensure your practice provides the highest level of care.
  • Practice Acquisition Loans: Secure financing for the acquisition or expansion of healthcare practices.
  • Working Capital Loans: Ensure you have the capital needed for daily operations, payroll, and medical supplies.
  • Healthtech Investment Loans: Invest in healthcare technology and innovations to enhance patient care and operational efficiency.
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How does Healthcare Finance work?

1. Complete our form and confirm your requirements.

Using our very easy-to-use business finance application form, you simply complete the required information.

2. Application sent to underwriting for approval and terms agreed.

A Fundur Finance Expert will give you a call to confirm the success of your application.

3. See the funds released

Money is paid out, and now it’s time to start growing your business and use your new capital.

We love success stories

Once your new capital is paid out to you, let’s not leave it there. Keep in touch and we will build a success story around your journey.

Access funding for healthcare:

Healthcare Funding FAQs

What are the repayment terms for healthcare financing?2023-08-30T09:18:46+01:00

Repayment terms for healthcare financing can vary depending on the type and amount of financing you choose. Typically, our repayment terms range from 1 to 10 years, allowing you flexibility in managing your healthcare practice’s finances. We work closely with you to structure a repayment plan that aligns with your cash flow and business growth goals, ensuring a sustainable payment schedule.

Can Fundur’s healthcare financing be used to upgrade medical equipment and technology?2023-08-30T09:14:52+01:00

Fundur’s healthcare financing can be used to upgrade or acquire new medical equipment and technology. We understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in healthcare, and our financing solutions are designed to help you invest in state-of-the-art equipment to enhance patient care.

How quickly can I expect to receive approval for healthcare financing?2023-08-30T09:13:24+01:00

The approval timeline for healthcare financing depends on factors such as the complexity of your application and the type of financing requested. Typically, we aim to provide a decision within 1 to 2 weeks. We understand the urgency often associated with healthcare operations and strive to expedite the process whenever possible.

What types of healthcare financing do we offer?2023-08-30T09:12:01+01:00

Fundur offers a wide range of healthcare financing options to support healthcare providers, including medical practices, clinics, hospitals, and more. Our financing solutions include equipment financing, medical practice loans, working capital loans, and expansion financing to meet the diverse needs of the healthcare industry.

The Benefits

How Asset Finance Can Help You

Preservation of Cash Flow

Instead of making a large upfront payment to purchase an asset outright, asset finance allows businesses to acquire the necessary equipment or assets while preserving their cash flow. It enables them to spread the cost over time through regular payments, making it easier to manage their working capital and allocate funds to other critical areas of the business.

Access To Equipment

Asset finance allows for the latest equipment & technologies without significant upfront costs. This is particularly beneficial in industries where equipment becomes quickly outdated or requires regular upgrades. By leasing or financing assets, businesses can stay competitive and maintain operational efficiency by using modern, high-quality equipment.

Flexibility & Customisation

Asset finance offers flexibility in terms of repayment structures and contract terms. Lenders often provide tailored solutions to match the specific needs and cash flow patterns of businesses. This allows borrowers to choose repayment schedules, such as monthly, quarterly, or seasonal payments, that align with their revenue generation cycles and business requirements.

Preservation of Credit Lines

Opting for asset finance helps businesses preserve their existing credit lines, such as bank loans or lines of credit, for other purposes. By not tying up their credit capacity in purchasing assets, businesses can maintain financial flexibility and have access to credit when needed for operational expenses, expansion, or unforeseen circumstances.

Tax Benefits

Depending on the jurisdiction and specific regulations, advantages can be provided. Lease payments are often treated as operating expenses, which may be tax-deductible, reducing the overall tax liability for the business. It’s important to consult with professionals or accountants to understand the specific tax implications and benefits applicable to your situation.

Risk Mitigation

In some cases, asset finance arrangements can include maintenance and servicing contracts, providing businesses with additional peace of mind. This can help mitigate the risks associated with asset ownership, as the responsibility for repairs, maintenance, and equipment obsolescence may be transferred to the lessor or financing company.

Overall, asset finance offers businesses and individuals the ability to acquire and utilize necessary assets while managing their cash flow effectively, accessing up-to-date equipment, and maintaining financial flexibility. It’s crucial to carefully evaluate the terms, costs, and conditions of asset finance options to ensure they align with the specific needs and financial objectives of the borrower.

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