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Do you want to upgrade your printing equipment? Expand your production facility? Blast off new marketing strategies? Propel your printing business with Fundur’s specialised loan solutions. As a business owner in the printing industry, it is crucial to always get ahead with the right technology and equipment. Fundur gives you the opportunity to quickly and seamlessly grow your business, upgrade equipment, seize new opportunities, and more because we make it a priority to understand yours.

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Printing Business Loans2024-05-08T11:24:05+01:00

Why Fundur for Printing Industry Loans?

With years in the printing industry under your belt, Fundur is equipped with industry-specific expertise, enabling us to understand the unique opportunities and challenges printers face. Because of this, we can confidently offer you loan products that meet your unique needs. Our customized funding options include financing for machinery upgrades, business expansion, as well as working capital to keep you ahead in this competitive market. Also, Fundur offers printing industry loans with competitive rates to ensure you get the most value from it. Our approval process for loans for printing companies is among the fastest, ensuring you can quickly leverage growth opportunities.

What are the Offered Loan Solutions?

Fundur offers three main types of printing business loan products that can transform your printing business today.

Equipment Financing

get funded today with an equipment loan, lease financing, and vendor financing.

Expansion Funding

boost your business expansion to new horizons with dedicated funding.

Working Capital Loans

keep your lights on and machines running with working capital loans.

Why Partner with Fundur?

Get started today with Fundur and receive dedicated support from our experienced finance specialists. Our loan process is clear and straightforward, with the process well explained at every step.

What happens to Get Started with Fundur Today?

Practice innovative thinking to grow your printing business with Fundur and make your dreams come true as we eagerly await to journey with you.


What kinds of printing equipment can be financed with Fundur’s loan solutions?2024-04-22T20:01:20+01:00

Fundur’s loan solutions support a wide range of printing equipment, such as digital printers, offset presses, finishing equipment, wide-format printers, and many more.

How does financing equipment help my printing business versus purchasing it outright?2024-04-22T20:01:52+01:00

Choosing to finance equipment can help you conserve your cash flow and liquidity and easily access new technology without making such a big purchase, making it easier to keep up with competitors in your niche.

What types of financing solutions does Fundur offer printing businesses?2024-04-22T20:02:26+01:00

Findur can offer you equipment financing, working capital loans, and even expansion funding- whatever your printing business requires, we can find a flexible solution that can support your growth and operations.

How long until my printing industry loans get approved?2024-04-22T20:02:59+01:00

Approval times can range from fast to a couple of days, depending on the complexity of your application and how ready your documentation is. Fundur tends to approve loans fast, to give you access to the funds as quickly as possible.

Do you offer flexible repayment options for printing industry loans?2024-04-22T20:03:31+01:00

Yes, Fundur allows you to choose a repayment term based on your cash flow situation and overall financial wellbeing.

Can I get new and used printing equipment financed with Fundur?2024-04-22T20:04:03+01:00

Yes, Fundur can help you finance both new and used printing equipment for your business.

What is the minimum for printing businesses to meet the loan requirements?2024-04-22T20:04:45+01:00

This can vary from case to case, based on your business history, the amount you need, and your ability to pay back the loan. Contact Fundur’s finance specialists for a consultation tailored to your business.

Can I upgrade equipment during the loan?2024-04-22T20:05:17+01:00

Upgrading certain equipment may be allowed throughout the loan depending on your loan agreement, with approval from Fundur.

Are there any tax benefits of financing your printing equipment?2024-04-22T20:05:55+01:00

The tax benefits can vary depending on your location and the current tax laws, but financing equipment may come with potential depreciation deductions. Consult with a tax advisor before making your decision.

How do I get the funds for my printing business?2024-04-22T20:06:28+01:00

If you’re interested in getting a Fundur loan, you can get the process started by contacting one of our finance experts for a consultation.

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