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Gain Access to Business Growth with Fundur’s Equipment Loan and Financing.

Financing Options that Exclusively Addresses Everything You Need to Obtain access to business growth.
It’s a pleasure to have you within Fundur, your next partner and the most reliable equipment loan and financing source for your business. Regardless of your dream to have new, improved machinery or the newest technology, or even when you desire to upgrade your equipment, we present much of everything you might be trying to solve.

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Equipment Loan and Financing2024-05-08T10:54:40+01:00

Fundur for equipment loan and financing

 Industry expertise

having worked in equipment financing for several years, our team knows the needs and problems entrepreneurs face in every sector of the economy.

Customized solutions

We provide customized financing solutions to your funding needs, and as such, you will indeed have the right equipment to finance your growth aspirations.

Quick approval

Our easy authorization process ensures that you receive your equipment funding fast to acquire equipment that keeps you on the market and takes advantage of the various opportunities the market provides.

Our financing options for equipment acquisition include the following

Equipment Loans

Get funding to buy new or used equipment with our equipment loans. You will benefit from competitive rates and affordable terms to match your budget and free cash flow.

Equipment Leasing

Acquire modern technology and machinery with our leasing options without substantial initial investment. Our equipment leasing programs are flexible and scalable to the extent that they can adjust to your business needs. 

Vendor Financing

Work with us to provide vendor financing options and enable your customers to buy the equipment from you. Central to our offer is that you will enhance equipment sales.

How It Works

Getting approved and funded with our equipment financing solutions is quick and painless.


Consult with one of our dedicated equipment financing experts. We will discuss your current business goals and equipment needs to develop the best solution for you. 

Customized solutions

fter that, we will put together a tailored-to-your-needs financing option based on the initial consultation.

Approval and funding

After you’ve picked the best financing option for you, Fundur expedites the approval process. We understand that time is money, so we are sure we can get you the funding you need as fast as possible.

Growth and Success

With Fundur’s equipment financing, you will forget about your financial troubles and stay focused on growing your business to the success of your dreams.


What kind of equipment can I finance with Fundur?2024-04-22T12:54:11+01:00

Fundur offers financing for machinery, vehicles, technology, and more. If you need to upgrade your manufacturing plant equipment, purchase vehicles, or need some expensive IT infrastructure, you can count on Fundur’s assistance.

How does it work?2024-04-22T12:54:49+01:00

Equipment financing allows you to purchase the required equipment while making regular payments to return the money over time. Fundur may suggest choosing between an equipment loan or a lease based on your preferences and business demands.

Do I need to leave any collateral to get financing for the equipment?2024-04-22T12:55:30+01:00

Different types of financing may require different types of collateral, while the equipment you purchase may also be considered collateral. Our specialists can assist you in selecting the most appropriate financing option specifically for you.

Can I buy used equipment with a Fundur loan?2024-04-22T12:58:38+01:00

Yes, Fundur financing options are available for both new and used equipment. Whether you buy new machinery or used equipment in good condition, we support your purchase.

What is the term on which I must return the equipment financing?2024-04-22T12:59:07+01:00

The terms may differ depending on the characteristics of the agreement and your cash flows. Fundur allows you to pick a suitable return schedule based on your business spending.

Do I have to wait long to receive approval for equipment financing?2024-04-22T12:59:36+01:00

The time it will take to verify and approve your application depends on its complexity and the specific financing type you want. However, Fundur values your time and effort and delivers funding a few days upon approval.

Are there any fees or charges I must pay in advance when getting equipment financing?2024-04-22T13:00:06+01:00

Fundur tries to avoid hidden fees and additional charges; everything will be transparent and included in the agreement.

Is upgrading the equipment or purchasing new units during the existing financing period possible?2024-04-22T13:00:38+01:00

You can count on Fundur’s appraisal for the relevant re-equipping or purchase of a new unit.

What should I do if the equipment becomes defective or outdated during the financing term?2024-04-22T13:01:17+01:00

Fundur offers to choose different options based on specific requirements and equipment peculiarities.

How do I need to start applying for equipment financing with Fundur?2024-04-22T13:01:54+01:00

You can get in touch, and appointed personnel will individually guide you on equipment financing matters.

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