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Realize the Growth Potential of Your Care Home with Fundur’s Residential Finance Systems

Custom Financing for All Your Care Centre’s Expansion and Operation Needs

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we introduce Fundur as your reliable financing partner in care home residential property. We are the provider that is determined to walk with you every step of the way in terms of care home expansion, renovation, and operational efficiency.

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Why Fundur for Care Home Residential Finance?

We come highly qualified with extensive experience within the healthcare sector, given that we’re already familiar with the various challenges and opportunities on the horizon for care home operators.
In partnership with you, our professionals develop and distribute personalized financial solutions to suit the needs articulating from your business plans and objectives fast approval we are aware that time is of much importance in your industry and that is why we approve your funding in record time.

Residential finance options

Expansion financing

We can finance your expansion by providing enough capital to construct or acquire a new property to add more beds. 

Renovation financing

We finance your renovation to give your resident a conducive living environment. 

Working Capital Loans

Our working capital are loans meant for a care home operator to use in running the care home today, paying for the salaries and Utility bills.

How Does It Work?


Start by scheduling a consultation with our proficient financing experts who provide attractive residential finance solutions to discuss your care home’s specifics, goals, and current financial situation. We will understand your particular obstacles and opportunities, enabling us to create the most effective financing solution for your needs.

Growth and Success

With Fundur’s residential finance solution in place, you may focus on your residents by offering high-quality care while also increasing and expanding your business. Regardless if you want to improve your current areas, invest in new technology, or launch newly facilities, we are here to assist you.

Customized Solutions

After extracting the details from the consultation session, our team will design tailored financing options to meet your care homes’ requirements and goals. Whether you want to expand the facilities, renovate current properties, or increase efficiency, we will design a creative package for you.

Approval and Funding

Accelerate the authorization process to send funds to ensure you obtain the money when you need it after selecting the perfect funding solution for your need. Spend no time obtaining the necessary funds for your growth and improvement plans.

Fundur’s Residential Finance Solutions Offers

 Flexibility in terms

We recognize that every care home is dissimilar once it comes to financial circumstances. Hence, our terms and conditions are flexible based on any lending or borrowing situation. 

Interest rates

Our rates are competitive hence helping you to realize the maximum possible amount of return. Therefore, it helps you to improve the care homes’ financial performance. 

Dedicated support

It is headed by a team of finance experts who guides you on the simple process. From the application process, everything is under control. 

Would you like to improve your care homes’ facility provision? Learn more about our residential finance solutions today as you aspire to grow and may take the next step.


What types of care home properties are eligible for this financing?2024-04-22T12:26:31+01:00

We provide financing solutions for various types of care home properties, including residential care homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and memory care facilities.

How much financing can I qualify for, and how can I qualify for it?2024-04-22T12:28:13+01:00

The amount of financing you qualify for depends on factors such as the value of your care home property, your business’s financial health, and your specific financing needs. To determine your eligibility and the amount you qualify for, please contact us.

Can I acquire financing to purchase more care home properties?2024-04-22T12:29:11+01:00

Yes, you can apply for funding to purchase additional care home properties through our financing programs. Whether you’re expanding your portfolio or adding more facilities to your business, we have solutions available.

Can I use the funds to pay salaries and for all operational expenses?2024-04-22T12:29:48+01:00

Absolutely, you can use our financing for general working capital purposes, including covering salaries and other operational expenses.

What documentation do I need to provide to access this financing?2024-04-22T12:30:19+01:00

The required documentation may vary based on the type of financing you’re seeking and your specific circumstances. Generally, you’ll need financial documents, business statements, appraisals, financing appraisals, and any additional documentation we may request.

How long does the qualification process typically take?2024-04-22T12:30:48+01:00

The time it takes to receive a final decision depends on various factors, including the complexity of your application and the type of funding you’re seeking. Our team works diligently to provide prompt outcomes and works closely with you throughout the process.

Are there any additional or hidden costs and charges?2024-04-22T12:31:18+01:00

Transparency is essential to us, and we strive to disclose all costs and charges upfront. Any applicable charges will typically be outlined in the agreement provided to you.

Can I repay the debt early without penalties?2024-04-22T12:31:54+01:00

Early repayment terms may vary depending on the agreement you sign and the type of loan you receive. Some loans may have penalties for early repayment, so it’s essential to review the terms carefully.

What are your interest rates?2024-04-22T12:32:39+01:00

Interest rates are determined based on factors such as the agreement terms, type of funding, and loan duration. We offer competitive rates, and our team can provide you with detailed information tailored to your specific situation.

How do I begin the application process?2024-04-22T12:33:08+01:00

To start your application journey, simply contact us today and speak with one of our agents. We’ll guide you through the process and help you get started on securing the financing you need for your care home properties

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